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Needs analysis

In recent years, significantly accelerate the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, industry concentration further increased, a number of equipment manufacturing companies have emerged in the international market, has become an international big business. Clustering, information technology, services, brand development trend of the equipment manufacturing industry, to enhance the international competitiveness of the equipment manufacturing industry is also involved in the equipment manufacturing industry of our logistics services have higher requirements. Faster, cheaper, safer, more intimate logistics needs, the need for professional logistics service providers.


Negotiation Support ---- equipment manufacturing products of high value goods, trade negotiations, the situation is complex, long operation of the project cycle, and logistics costs in the proportion of production costs can not be ignored. Equipment trade for the above characteristics, the new process will be integrated together supply and demand situation and cycle regularity analysis of logistics costs, optimize transportation alternatives to reduce the impact of future market fluctuations may be caused by shipping, thereby enhancing customer initiative in the trade negotiations.